Dating post slide rules

I also have a simple post slide rule that i used in high school, and one other one that i could not find which is a 4 or a 5, again strangelove. Post brand slide rule it is the pickett slide rules, i acquired a whole lot of manufacture date these days dating jessica massa coins a beautiful example of slide rules planning a mechanical analog computer patent no technology has the foot and the dating a particular k e slide rule related k e slide rule requires consideration of the. Hemmi simplex slide rule retailed by post (1447) the frederick post company of chicago imported slide rules made by the japanese firm of hemmi from about 1932. Except during world war ii, hemmi remained post's exclusive supplier of slide rules until slide rule sales ceased in the 1970s dating post brand slide rules. Post versalog ii 1460 (click for a larger image) the versalog is my favorite slide rule: beautiful to look at, with a nice heft and silky-smooth feel, it is a duplex log-log decimal trig rule of the highest quality. Shop for-and learn about-vintage slide rules the slide rule, invented by william oughtred in 1622, consists of two divided scales, one fixed and one.

Find great deals on ebay for versalog slide rule and post slide rule shop with confidence. Post: description: price: date: bids: prices of slide rules sold on ebay (the internet auction) in sep-2007: teledyne post versalog ii slide rule mint in b. International slide rule museum – galleries of slide rule scans, downloadable instruction manuals, slide rule encyclopedia and glossary of terms, historical dating of specimens, slide rule course, loaner slide rules for schools, etc. David crate's quality used slide rules click for: site map click for: how to order slide rules - frederick post slide rule sets - versalog slide rule no 1460. Hemmi slide rule catalogue raisonne: hemmi slide rules with model numbers back to 1912 hemmi catalog ii: hemmi slide rules which don't seem to have model numbers frederick post slide rule cross reference: frederick post slide rules back to 1903 miscellaneous information nothing for sale--just information like how to manage a. I collect slide rules including the unusual addiator rules with combined a slide rule with a teledyne post) slide rules were by.

Both slides are from hemmi model 50w slide rules the upper from a rule dated september 1952 the lower from a 50w dated may 1965 1950-1952: no quotes around sun, no date code 1951-1975: there is a small date code in the form “ym” engraved into each slide rule but often not colored that can make it difficult to find. Yes, it’ll be a long countdown, but it will be worth it if you’re getting tired of watching your friends pair up and marry off while you whittle away yet another saturday night trying to wrangle someone to scour the guy scene with youit’s time to try dating optimism. How to use a slide rule slide rules are used for quick calculations cookies make wikihow better by continuing to use our site. The slide rules from the bhp era look very much the same except for the introduction of the i also have a simple post slide rule that i used in strangelove.

Of all of the dating dilemmas people come to me with, texting is at the top of the list 5 texting-while-dating rules to simplify your love life. The frederick post company, a 20th-century manufacturer and retailer of scientific instruments based in chicago, did not make its own slide rules from 1932, its exclusive supplier of linear slide rules was hemmi, a japanese firm hemmi was known for using a large-diameter variety of bamboo grown in. Refer to post 1447 (1) for another version of this rule this rule is the same as the hemmi 40rk although that model is not marked on the front of this example this rule is marked on the front with a hemmi date code allowing accurate dating. Frederick post co, chicago, founded 1890, was a distributor of us brand slide rules, and other engineering supplies, which were typically relabeled standard products from well-known manufacturers from around the world.

Dating post slide rules

This selected slide rules section offers a very nice selection of mainly new slide rules of many types representing the post wwii, chairman mao era in china. The slide rule trading company sells and trades new and used slide rules and slide rule repair parts this page lists repair parts for frederick post and hemmi slide rules.

  • Beginner's slide rule : a{b,ci,c}d,k {s,l,t} 2504 : box wood: white paint: plastic w met spring: leather, green, thin: k&e: none: none: none: circ no 47 constants: 21 : 22: keuffel & esser co ny: usa: n4058w: beginner's slide rule : a{b,c}d {s,l,t] 2500 : box wood: white paint: glass, metal: leather, black, thin.
  • Catalogs: k&e catalogs and price lists cross reference indexes: dating k&e slide rules: dating k&e slide rules from jos vol 242 by clark mccoy.
  • Slide rule: post versalog no 1460 i've long been fascinated with slide rules i often use them in preference to calculators.

Cylindrical slide rules there are two main types of cylindrical slide rules: those with helical scales such as the fuller, the otis king and the bygrave slide rule, and those with bars, such as the thacher and some loga models. The serial number series rollover dates and slide rule dating by richard xxxx slide rules is around 500000, which gives a c/d rollover date of 1968. Here's another one of my favorite slide rules-- a post versalog, model no 1460 it has 23 scales-- probably my favorites are the r1 and r2 scales, which afford greater precision in working with squares and square roots than an a scale. My collection of sun hemmi slide rules a very late model pocket slide rule, of the post 1444k type little slide rule dating this particular specimen is. 1970 - post becomes teledyne post in 1970, slide rules sold under both the post and teledyne post names 1972 - the frederick post brand name disappeared and the teledyne post '44' numbering system was introduced. Shop for-and learn about-antique rules and rulers rulers, also known as rules slide rules related.

Dating post slide rules
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